RoadAI for Intelligent transport systems

Up-to-date ITS data production with mobile data collection and advanced computer vision

ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems

Vionice´s solution is simple and cost effective way to generate up-to-date information about traffic signs. RoadAI is the leading data gathering product for cities and organizations. Vionice´s detection algorithms extract crucial sign information automatically. Information can be easily provided to an interface for TN-ITS or similar use.

In Europe we provide the answer to TN-ITS, Ertico and EU regulated INSPIRE transport network dataset data management issues.

The existing problem with digital mapping since it's initial establishment has been how to keep them up-to-date. The rise of ADAS and coming automation setting even more focus and urgency on the challenge to register the road furniture changes. RoadAI is low cost system as a solution to solve this problem. Using mobile phones for video production and computer vision for up-to-date data extraction it is possible for the first time to produce spatial data at a reasonable price. This is also due to the fact that apart from the smartphone device, additional hardware is not required and manual inspections can be automated.

The key to constant data flow of the traffic infrastructure is process integration. Data collection can be integrated for example into road maintenance and different forms of public transportation's processes. Along with inexpensive hardware, crowdsourcing is essential for optimizing data production efficiency.

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Core features:

  • Smartphone application for raw data collection while in transit
  • Automatic inventory and detection of relevant traffic signs with computer vision
  • Access to Vionice map-based web interface
  • Traffic sign data provided to an API for use in other systems