On Site video documenting and reporting

Smartphone application and intuitive web interface for professional and personal video documenting

Video Documenting

Vionice’s solution offers an intuitive and efficient method for documenting and reporting work and important occurances. A smartphone application allows for the of making video documentation and reports effortlessly anywhere. The smartphone application, Viominer can be used for any kind of documenting with or without audio. Collected documentation is automatically stored in Vionice’s cloud service where the data is safe and always available to access via map-based web interface with an Internet browser.

The interface encompasses diverse options for filtering and managing the material including smart location search, history browsing and tag filtering. These features make accessing specific videos very easy and open various possibilities for using the service both for professional and non-professional purposes.

<strong>For Professionals</strong> video documenting service acts as a solid tool for reporting observations on site and different phases of work for quality assurance and control.

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Core features of the service:

Smartphone application

  • HD-video recording with location data
  • Tagging of video documents using for example location or topic.

Web interface

  • Map-based layout
  • Easy access to different location by using search
  • Filtering video documents by date, time and tags